Hi there,
my name is Jochen Meyer and I’m another unknown artist.Like most artists I want people to look at and enjoy the stuff I do.And you need some kind of web-presence these days,so here you go.

If you look at my galleries you may notice that I like to do various things in more than one style.But it should also be noticeable that there is a passion for geometric patterns and objects.
I’m into knotwork/strapwork etc for more than 35 years now and I want to share some info about that and other aspects of my work.
Since I’m a mathematical numskull and an autodidact I had to come up with easy and mostly math-free methods to construct geometric patterns and later on objects. so that might be of interest to some.
Hopefully there will be some tutorials,too.

Well,that’s what you can expect to find on this blog,but we’ll see how things develop.

Blog to you soon, J.



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