Heptagons again



Hi out there,
In today’s post I’d like to show you how to construct the above hepta star figure.It’s one of the basic elements showing up in many hepta patterns as mentioned in the previous article about heptagon based patterns.And it’s a good example to demonstrate what I meant by math free methods earlier on.No formulas or equations needed,just a bit of logic,promised.

It’s provided that you know how to divide a circle into 7/14 sections,if you want to do this on paper.Or that you know how to get a 14-gon in your software in case you’ll use a computer.
I won’t go into software specific things,just geometry.


Start with a tetradecagon (a 14 sided polygon).



Draw a star like shown.
The smaller star will be our center star.



Connect the 7 points again like this.
From here on this example will only show one of the seven outer stars to keep it clearer.



Now add these lines.As you can see they pass through the tips of our center star starting to form a heptagon that surrounds it.



Here I’ve added the other sides of the aforementioned heptagon.



Now we transfer/carry over the length shown in green from the center star to…..



…these lines.Just like drawing a circle of that radius around each tip of the center star.



Again,from here to ……



Btw. this is not the only way to find the needed points.



Connect the points to a heptagon.



Add the missing lines to get the hepta star.Done.


Nice and easy.
Anything originates from itself so to say.
And that’s what I love about it.

May it be useful to some of you, J.



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