Fractal Tree Patterns

Hi there,

some years ago I started to study fractal trees.After a while it began to dawn on me how to construct the simpler ones.Of course there was no doubt that it would not be possible to reach the enormous amount of detail you can get in 3D fractal generating software,but i wanted to try and see how far I’d come with modeling these structures “manually” in Wings3d.                            Not that far unfortunately.But far enough to get some nice basic stuff.

First some examples of different tree approaches.












The next one is the latest version of a tree fractal that served as a starting point for many attempts and went through a few modifications while playing with it.When I began rendering these fractal patterns some weeks ago I got some fresh ideas and found this variant.


The following figure should illustrate a special quality of this one.

Frac-06bclick to enlarge

Furthermore it is good for creating recursive patterns.And here is one example for that,too.


To be continued on page 2


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