today it is a rock surface study. Sculpted in ZBrush and rendered and textured in Terragen. And some images rendered in ZBrush also.

So the first are TG renderings, with different lightings.





The next show various sides. (please click to enlarge)

Front                                                                 Back



Left side                                                            Right side



No textures at all.



And now ZB renderings.




Please click to enlarge the last one.










That’s all for now, J.





Organic Tile

Hi again,

today it’s an organic tile, which was sculpted and painted in ZBrush. A vector displacement map was generated and this and a texture map were then exported to Terragen 3 to be rendered there.

So these first images are Terragen renders.





And two ZBrush detail shots.



And at last one ZB shot showing the whole tile.


That’s all for now, have a good time, J.


Hello there,

recently I tested some variations of a Moebius-strip, well, sort of, model. Just to see which of them look good enough when rendered. The models were done in Wings 3D. Bump and displacement maps: ZBrush.

Tried different shaders and finally came up with what you can see here. Originally started as mere tests I decided to show some, because I really liked that shader. Didn’t care much about an elaborated backround though.

So here are three versions:




Have a good time, J.


Hi there,

apparently it wasn’t done yet. Here are two late-comers.

The first one, corresponding with the Cube.


Its top view


The second, corresponding with the Dodecahedron.


The top view


And from inside up


Sooner or later,

have a good time, J.



Ready for more? Anyway, here are four more.

The first one corresponds with Icosa- and Dodecahedron.


Top view


The second corresponds with the Rhombic Dodecahedron.


Its top view


The other two correspond with the Rhombic Triacontahedron.

The first one


Top view thereof


The second one


The top view


Aaaand done, most likely.

Hope these will inspire someone to experiment with that kind of stuff, too.

Take care, J.


Hello again,

todays two are corresponding with the Truncated Icosahedron. That’s the one that consists of pentagons and hexagons.

Number one


The top view thereof


The second


And, you already guessed it, the top view


End of todays transmission.

Cheers, J.


Hi there y’all,

here are two more, both corresponding with Icosa- and Dodecahedron.

The first one


Top view


The second one is a bit different. I got inspired by some things I saw on Rinus Roelofs’ website. In case you don’t know his works it’s highly recommended for anyone interested in geometric art. Lots of great stuff.

So here it is


Top view


Have a good time wherever you are, J.


Hi there,

time for more. Two variants corresponding with Tetrahedron/Cube.

This is the first one.



Top view.



And number two.



No.2’s top view.



Have a nice one, J.




here come some more. All correspond with the Dodecahedron and the Icosahedron.

The first one.



It’s top view.



The second one is a close relative of the omnipresent linking stars thingy.



Top view.



Since it is a bit hard to read you’ll get a third view from  inside looking up.



And the third one. Also a ‘not to be seen that often’ variant.



Top view.



Have a good time everyone, J.



and again two more.The first one corresponds with the Tetrahedron and the second with the Tetrakis Tetrahedron.



Top view.



The second one.



Top view thereof.



I’ll be back, J.