Seven images to give you an impression of what to expect in the galleries.         Hepta-patt-02-B-col

So,if you are hurried or don’t want to waste your time looking through all

of the galleries or whatever,this is the one for you.

Click the image to enter,please.



This gallery holds various ZBrush works split in 3 parts.                                HC-close-2014

2.5D creations,followed by Geometrickals and Knotwork

and last,but not least some 3D sculptings.



Here you can find some Terragen works or,for some at least,

experiments might be a more appropriate name.                                                     TG-32do

First some early CG-imagery done with Terragen classic,

then Terragen 2 and 3 images.Some might be a bit unusual.



Some examples of a series of experiments with reflecting/self-reflecting               Refl12

objects and lightsources.

Early CG-imagery again.




A few traditional sculpts and carvings.                                                                         SmHead02



Please excuse the partly low reproduction quality.




On page 1 of the two pages there is a small collection of Isograph                            7er-84

ink drawings and on page 2 you will find airbrush paintings.


Please excuse the partly low reproduction quality.


copyright by Jochen Meyer 2014-16


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